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Fiction and Excerpts [7]

Fiction and Excerpts [7]

Monarchy, Power, and the Stories We Tell

So let’s talk about monarchy, or, because I’m not a historian but a storyteller, let’s talk about the stories we tell about monarchy, or, because I want to tell a story, let’s talk about Consort Yang.

In 733, Yang Yuhuan at the age of fourteen was married to Li Mao, the crown prince of the Tang dynasty in China. Some five years later, the emperor, Li Mao’s father, moved to make Yang Yuhuan his instead. He made her a nun to dissolve her marriage, and then he claimed her as his consort, granting her the title guifei, the highest rank to which a consort could ascend.

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The History of Papercutting and the Magic of The Chosen and the Beautiful

In the world of The Chosen and the Beautiful, magic is a force not unlike electricity. In the 1920s, electricity ran the cities, holding back the night. At the same time, it was a toy for those who could afford it. Vast swathes of the country lived as they had always lived in darkness and in the cold, and so magic in Jordan Baker’s world is power and privilege.

To me, Jordan Baker came into the story of The Chosen and the Beautiful as a naturally talented magician, one with an instinctive knack for the magic that is inherent to her lost homeland. It was such a part of her that I never questioned it, and it serves as both a link to her past and a path to her future, one where she can learn not only about who she is, but who she can become.

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Read the First Two Chapters From Nghi Vo’s When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain

The cleric Chih finds themself and their companions at the mercy of a band of fierce tigers who ache with hunger. To stay alive until the mammoths can save them, Chih must unwind the intricate, layered story of the tiger and her scholar lover—a woman of courage, intelligence, and beauty—and discover how truth can survive becoming history.

Nghi Vo returns to the empire of Ahn and The Singing Hills Cycle in When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain, a standalone follow-up to The Empress of Salt and Fortune—available now from Tordotcom Publishing.

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